Chocolate Melting Machine
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Chocolate Melting Machine

  • HY-CW1000

  • HY

Chocolate Melting Machine     Chocolate melting machine is mainly used in the production of the products with chocolate. Chocolate melting machine could meet the chocolate production the technological requirement and adapts the continuous production request.

Chocolate Melting MachineChocolate Melting Machine - L

Chocolate Melting Machine       1. It is cylinder type of this chocolate melting machine.

     2. The chocolate melting machine has the function of heat preservation. There are heating tubes to heat water.

     3. Chocolate melting machine is usually used with chocolate ebrobing machine.

Chocolate Melting Machine

Item Value
Voltage Customization
Power 7.5kW
Model HY-CW1000
Size 1200×1000×1900mm

Chocolate Melting MachineChocolate Melting MachineChocolate Melting Machine


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Chocolate Melting Machine