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Development of Energy Bars 【Hanyuan Machinery】

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Nutritional cereal bars are flake and rod-shaped products made of oats, rice, corn and other cereals and bonded with high viscosity syrup. In addition to the main raw Cereals, nuts and dried fruits andcandy and chocolate and other auxiliary materials will also be added to the products. At present, the nutritional cereal bar products that sold in the domestic market are mostly imported from abroad.

Cereal bar has a long history of development at abroad. It was once a common breakfast food in European and American countries. Grain bar products have sweet taste, crisp taste and easy to carry. They are favored by many people and occupy an increasing market share in the food market.

The concept of grain bar has only recently been introduced into the Chinese market. At present, there are relatively few types of products sold in the domestic market, and there are no localized taste, which is difficult to meet the needs of Chinese consumers for healthy snack food. This is just a good time for domestic food manufacturers.

Many customers of Hanyuan Machinery have developed localized products for the concept of nutritional grain bars. Hanyuan Machinery has developed and produced a nutritional cereal bar production line for the characteristics of low temperature, high viscosity and soft cereal bar products. The production line has a high degree of automation, and has the functions of air conditioning and refrigeration, slab line, and can be suitable for chocolate coating and drawing machine to improve product quality and taste.

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