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Development of Snack Food 【Hanyuan Machinery】

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In recent years, with the development of China's national economy and the improvement of residents' consumption level, people's consumption patterns have become increasingly diversified and leisure. Leisure food has become a new favorite in Chinese daily food consumption. People pay more and more attention to healthy diet. 

The market demand for leisure food shows a continuous growth trend, and the varieties of leisure food are gradually diversified. In addition, China's snack food also shows a development trend from low-end to high-end. The improvement of Chinese people's consumption ability has an obvious pulling effect on the demand for high-end snack food.

Hanyuan Machinery's R & D team timely predicted the trend of domestic food development, get into the market field of leisure food machinery as soon as possible, successfully launched puffing machine and leisure food forming equipment, and has maintained a high market share. We launched a complete set of nougat and sachima equipment and cooperated with several major food manufacturers .so that consumers can enjoy the wonderful taste of nougat and sachima in time. We launched a complete set of nutritional cereal bar (nut bar and meal bar) equipment, and cooperated with the two major food manufacturers to actively promote the ingredients research and sample trial production of new products. We believe that new products will enter the market soon and will bring new delicious snack food for customers.

The R & D team of Hanyuan Machinery keeps communicating with new and old customers, constantly improving and developing new equipment for provide more advanced, intelligent and practical food equipment for new and old customers and jointly promote the development of leisure food market.

Development of Snack Food 【Hanyuan Machinery】

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