Energy Bar Machine
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Energy Bar Machine

  • HY-CS900

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Energy Bar Machine

     Energy bar machine is mainly used to cut the mixed cereals products into required sizes and cool them done. The raw material can be rice, millet, wheat, highland barley, maize, Chinese pearl barley, buckwheat, etc. The berries

such as raisins and the nuts such as cashew could be also be added to produce energy bar.

     This energy bar machine is widely used in the sticky food with chocolate productive process, such as the energy bar with chocolate coating, granola bars with chocolate, muesli bars with chocolate, cereal bars with chocolate, etc.

     It is a high performance energy bar machine with its air conditioner refrigeration and separating function.

Energy Bar MachineEnergy Bar Machine - LEnergy Bar Machine     1. Energy bar machine has a continuous feeding preload, and the material of the preload is food grade.

     2. Energy bar machine has multi-rolls to make the energy bar surface smooth, moderate density, uniform thickness.

     3. The cooling way of energy bar machine is active air conditioner refrigeration.

     4. Energy bar machine has a separating function which makes it easy for energy bar making with chocolate coating.

     5. The cutting size of energy bar machine is adjustable since the knives is controlled by PLC. The material of the knives is high-strength steel, so the edge of the energy bar is flat of chocolate energy bar machine.

     6. It is truly automatic intelligent energy bar machine and multi-function for making various energy bars with chocolate.

Energy Bar Machine

Item Value
Voltage Customization
Power 12kW
Capacity 300~400kg/h
Size 14000×1400×1200mm

Energy Bar Machine

Energy Bar Machine - Sample

Energy Bar MachineEnergy Bar Machine - Workshop

Energy Bar Machine


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Energy Bar Machine