Nuts Roasting Machine
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Nuts Roasting Machine

  • HY-CD100

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Nuts Roasting Machine     Nuts roasting machine is mainly used for nuts , peanut and sesame roasting. It is also multi-function nuts roasting machine which it is widely used to roast nuts, peanut, sesame, cashew, walnut and so on.

Nuts Roasting MachineNuts Roasting Machine

Nuts Roasting Machine       1. Nuts roasting machine is designed for heating various nuts, such as peanut, cashew.

     2. It is high perfermance nuts roasting machine.

     3. The nuts roasting machine is quick cooking, energy saving.

     4. The nuts roasting machine is electromagnetic heating way.

Nuts Roasting Machine

Item Value
Voltage Customization
Power 16.5kW
Capacity 100kg/pot
Size 1920×1060×1400mm

Nuts Roasting MachineNuts Roasting MachineNuts Roasting MachineNuts Roasting MachineNuts Roasting Machine


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Nuts Roasting Machine