Rice Candy Machine
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Rice Candy Machine

  • HY-68

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Rice Candy Machine     Rice candy machine is mainly used in the production of rice candy, peanut candy, sesame candy and so on. It is multi-function rice candy machine and suitable for making various candies and snack bars.  

Rice Candy MachineRice Candy Machine

Rice Candy Machine

     1. Shell material of rice candy machine : stainless steel.

     2. The material of conveyor belt is PVC(Food Grade) of the rice candy machine.  

     3. The products surface is pressed very smoothly, and the thickness of products is easily to be adjusted of rice candy machine.

     4. The forming shape of rice candy machine is perfect.

     5. Rice candy machine is easy to learn and easy to operate.

Rice Candy Machine

Item Value
Voltage Customization
Power 2.2kW
Capacity 300~400kg/h
Size (5200-6200)×780×1200mm

Rice Candy MachineRice Candy Machine - Sample

Rice Candy Machine

Rice Candy MachineRice Candy MachineRice Candy Machine

Rice Candy Machine


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Rice Candy Machine