Rice Puffed Machine
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Rice Puffed Machine

  • HY-P80

  • HY

Rice Puffed Machine     Rice puffed machine is mainly use to puff rice, corn, wheat, barley, bean and many other grain.

     This rice puffed machine can be used to puff rice, corn and other grain as raw materials to make them into different shapes with crispy taste.

Rice Puffed MachineRice Puffed Machine - L

Rice Puffed Machine     1.The rice puffed machine is multi-function, it can be use to puff grains, such as rice, corn, red bean and so on.

     2. Many moulds of rice puffed machine could be chosen to produce different shapes and different size.

     3. It is continuous running rice puffed machine with reasonable structure to achieve large output.

Rice Puffed Machine

Item Value
Voltage Customization
Power 16kW
Capacity 80~100kg/h
Size 860×740×1370mm

Rice Puffed MachineRice Puffed Machine - Sample 1

Rice Puffed MachineRice Puffed Machine - Workshop

Rice Puffed Machine


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Rice Puffed Machine