Shaqima Production Line
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Shaqima Production Line

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Shaqima Production Line

     Shaqima production line is consisted of frying machine, sugar boiling pot, mixer machine, conveyor, shaqima making machine and shaqima packing machine. It is a full automatic shaqima production line which saves labor.

Shaqima Production Line

Shaqima Production Line - L

Shaqima Production Line

     1. Shaqima production line has reasonable structure and the machine is continuous working.

     2. Shaqima production line is characterized by large output, simple operation, high efficiency. 

     3. Shaqima production line has multi-rolls to make the shaqima surface smooth, moderate density, uniform thickness.

     4. Shaqima is truly automatic and multi-function for making various shaqima and so on.

Shaqima Production Line

Item Value
Voltage Customization
Power 45kW(≈)
Capacity 3~4t/8h
Area 30×6m
Manpower 4~6people

Shaqima Production LineShaqima Production Line

Shaqima Production LineShaqima Production LineShaqima Production LineShaqima Production LineShaqima Production Line


Phone No.:+86 13505111590

Wechat/Whatsapp:+86 13505111590

Shaqima Production Line