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Things About Snowflake Crisp 【Hanyuan Machinery】

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Snowflake crisp is a popular snack product. It is an "upgraded version" of nougat. Snowflake crisp tastes crisp and soft. It  mixed biscuits with heated and melted marshmallow and butter, and then sprinkle whole milk powder and cut into pieces.

The addition of biscuits makes it crispy, sweet and delicious. The addition of peanuts, almonds, dried cranberries and dried fruits makes the taste of snow crisp better. A layer of Matcha or milk powder is sprinkled on the snowflake crisp, which is like a snowflake. It is deeply loved by customers.

Hanyuan Machinery specializes in producing a complete set of equipment for snowflake crisp, with mature technology and sophisticated equipment and the production experience of nougat and nougat ShaQima equipment, after three years of continuous updating and iteration, the snowflake crisp equipment produced by Hanyuan Machinery is becoming more and more perfect and more convenient to use and easier to maintain. Hanyuan Machinery produces a new generation of snowflake crisp equipment to help the majority of food manufacturers open the market .

Our company also provides consulting services on the production scheme and production process of snowflake crisp

Things About Snowflake Crisp 【Hanyuan Machinery】

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