Weight Detector
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Weight Detector



  Checkweigher is suitable for testing the weight of a small single item whether is qualified or not, and it iswidely used in electronic, food, pharmaceutical, beverage, health-care, chemical industry etc. For example, it can be used in food industry to check the weight of flavour, cake, hams, instant noodles, frozen food, food additives, preservative etc.

  Checkweigher substantiates the extensive know-how that the company has accumulated in weighing technology over the years. By including a high-precision weight checking function in the production line, your product quality can improve without any decline in efficiency. The series provides a whole range of features for handling different products, and incorporate new functions in response to modern necessities.

Weight Detector


•Easy Integration: adjustable height, modular design

•Sturdy and robust construction: Stainless Steel 304

•Easy to use: touch screen operating system is easy to use with user password protection

•Easy to clean: detachable belt easy to to take apart for cleaning and set up.

•Variable Speed: Speed configurable based on application

•High Speed and Accuracy: equipped with high grade sensor and load cell with ultra fast processor for excellent accuracy and speed

•Zero Trace: Manual and Automatic Calibration, increase accuracy

•Report and Data Exportation: Built-in real time report, exportable to Excel file, storing up 1 year production data in USB disk

•Connectivity: standard ports for data exportation and connect to PC

•Self-learning: no need to calibration, system will find the best set up for the product. Configurable up to 2000 product settings

•Different Detection Modes: Default Mode, Static Mode, Power saving mode

•Faulty report: The system can detect and report faulty part of the system makes it easy to diagnose problems

•Output Ports: RS-485 and RS-232, able to Connect with printers and label machines


Weight Detector


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